Green Office: Strauss Goes Green – Strauss Group לוגו שטראוס

At Strauss, we want to set an example for our employees by introducing a sustainable work culture within our daily activities. In 2019, we made some changes to work practices for the favor of employee and environment welfare, such as switching to reusable mugs, a move that resulted in savings of approximately 245,000 disposable cups for hot drinks in the headquarters building alone, adopting recycled printer and copy paper, which reduced the use of one million pages. In addition, we adopted a Meatless Monday menu, which involves a reduction in meat consumption in the company on every Monday of the week, along with enriching the menu with vegetarian dishes.

From the corporate mitigation perspective, we expanded the layout of recycling facilities for packaging, plastics, glass, paper and batteries, as well as the maintenance of existing facilities. In order to reduce plastic use, we are piloting placing waste collection points in central bins, along with reducing the number of waste disposal personal points in small bins.

In terms of organizational culture, renewed efforts have been made to refresh the company’s procedures regarding lights and air conditioning when leaving offices and conference rooms. In addition, our employees have been commissioned to digitize pay slips, potentially saving about 24,000 pages a year.

In addition, Strauss Coffee is working to establish a culture of sustainability among coffee company employees in Israel by deepening their knowledge in the field in order to create a foundation for making and implementing green solutions in the work environment. In 2019, the implementation of a learning program for staff and management began with The Natural Step (TNS) program, with three additional workshops scheduled for 2020. Among the topics discussed are sustainability challenges, waste management, and the opportunities created by these challenges.

And what about the customers?

Examples of Measures Taken in Strauss Coffee Israel:

Elite Coffee Network customers are currently switching to using a unique coffee cover that eliminates the need to use straws.

As part of the changes done at the Beanz Café brand, packaging has been reduced (saving seven grams of cardboard per unit), eco-accessories products have been introduced and the number of CuPZ magazine hard copies has been reduced.

In addition, Strauss Coffee’s online customers have the option of receiving a green invoice via email rather than receiving printed invoices. The green invoices will also be used for purchases for the Beanz Café brand.

However, the activity does not end here and there are many plans that will be implemented in the coming years.

This activity supports 1 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Climate Action (13)