Global Environment Community – Strauss Group לוגו שטראוס

Establishing a Global Environment Community for Strauss Group

As part of the Group’s constant efforts to improve our environmental management activities, we carried out an in depth study of the internal work processes responsible for the development and management of environmental projects in all relevant spheres (wastewater and water quality, energy and climate change, waste and the circular economy, and more). Along with the importance of maintaining an environmentally supportive organizational culture, we saw a need to unite the forces of all the companies in the Group to promote significant, structured and cross-company improvement. In 2019, we started planning a global environment community of all Strauss Group companies. The goal of this community is to pave the way for environmental excellence and Strauss Group’s sustainability principles together, to ensure success over time and to adapt to the every-changing challenges and risks we face.

In 2020, the activities of the Global Environment Community was launched, and its goals were defined as a platform for knowledge sharing, inspiration, locating business opportunities for the promotion of environmental sustainability, while meeting stakeholders’ expectations, as well as promoting the challenging goals that the various members of the Group wish to take on.

The community is comprised of managers and key employees who are responsible for the field of the environment, or related fields, and who are part of the various circles of influence in all the Group’s companies to promote this field. The inner circle of the community’s influence was built on the basis of a professional and limited environment community. Alongside this circle is the wider environmental community which additional managers are members of and support aspects of the environment that focus on procurement, marketing, and more.

The community operates around three central focuses, led by three work teams, in the fields of packaging, energy, and water and wastewater. Communication in the community is via a monthly newsletter and frequent meetings that foster lively discussions on the topics of sustainability in the Group, knowledge sharing and conclusions regarding environmental projects, mutual growth, and working together to achieve the goals of the Group and its companies. 

The community started operating within a virtual framework through professional meetings on the themes of the content worlds relevant to the Group. The themes were decided upon along with members of the community, for example, the impact of the Corona crisis on the environment, identifying opportunities to promote a circular economy, and promoting product lifecycle assessment (LCA). These LCAs include assessment of the environmental impact of the company’s products, from selecting raw materials through to the end of the products’ lives. In 2021, the work teams will continue to function via joint learning and sharing accumulated knowledge, in order to create an organizational map that will assist in achieving the Group’s goals. Small professional teams will also meet for in-depth discussions on a wide range of topics. An annual cross-organizational meeting is also planned to summarize the activities and to discuss major projects.   

This activity supports 3 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Responsible Consumption and Production (12)
  • Climate Action (13)
  • Clean water and sanitation (6)