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Committed to Protecting The Environment – Strauss Group

Committed to Protecting The Environment

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Strauss Group produces and markets food and beverages in many countries and thereby assists in improving food security around the world. Our production activity has a significant impact on the environment. Stakeholders including consumers, employees, investors, the communities in which we operate and others, expect Strauss to reduce this impact.

We believe that we can continue to increase our activities and provide solutions to the growing needs of our customers for healthy and nutritious products, while monitoring and reducing our impact on the environment. As a result, we continually work towards minimizing our environmental footprint in all aspects, and achieving excellence in all areas of ESG (Environmental, social and corporate governance). These efforts are made possible by advanced environmental management methods in all our areas of operation, including the following:

  • Global climate change is a fundamental issue that poses tangible risks to us at Strauss, to our stakeholders, and to humankind in general. Therefore, we place an emphasis on increasing efficiency at all the Group’s sites in the areas of energy, emissions, wastewater and water management by investing in energy-saving equipment, gradually implementing renewable energy, reducing indirect emissions throughout the supply chain, and more.
  • As a binding basis for all environmental management activities, we make every effort to comply with all environmental laws and regulations in all areas of the Group’s global activities.
  • We run our sites in accordance with an environmental management system (EMS), which demands that careful be paid attention to all work methods and control over our environmental impacts.
  • A significant number of Strauss sites are certified with the ISO14001 environmental management standard and undergo periodic inspections become recertified. Even at sites that are not certified with this standard, we endeavor to use environmental management methods in accordance with these demands. We constantly assess the level of effectiveness of our management methods, and continually work towards improving them.
  • As a food company, the environmental impact of packaging our products and recycling in general are fundamental to our operations, and are part of the circular economic approach that we work towards. Strauss has many teams and invests significant resources in reducing the packaging of its products, enabling their recycling, reducing resource consumption wherever possible ,and improving the treatment of waste at the company’s sites.
  • We seek opportunities for water savings, reduction of wastewater, and improving their quality at the Group’s various sites.
  • Strauss Dairies in northern and southern Israel partner with their milk suppliers and implement innovative methods of operating sustainable dairy farms. These methods result in significant improvements in the welfare of the animals, and further reductions in environmental impacts. 
  • Employees whose jobs have an impact on our environmental performance, undergo specialized training that assists them in fulfilling their roles, while reducing waste emission and the need for resources.
  • The responsibility to implement and perform all the appropriate environmental management methods above lies in the hands of the managers of the environmental units at all the sites and the factory managers. These managers are responsible for monitoring processes and performance in this area, while reporting to the operational managements, the divisions and Group management. Strauss’ Global Sustainability Unit is also involved in these processes, and serves as a control, coordination and consulting entity for all environment managers in the Group.

This activity supports 1 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Climate Action (13)