Ethical Infrastructure Update – Strauss Group לוגו שטראוס

Strauss sees great importance in ensuring the implementation and assimilation of the ethics infrastructure, which demonstrates the company’s commitment to ethical conduct, values and transparency, while also being the key building block of trust for our employees, consumers, investors, and community partners. In 2020, we finalized the process of updating of our ethics infrastructure and implementing our updated Code of Ethics, a series of position papers on substantive issues for our stakeholders, as well as updating our work supporting procedures and our ethics hotline. This update was based on a re-examination of the substantive issues that needed to be included in the Group’s ethics framework, and was in accordance with the main changes to business, society and the environment.

Strauss’ new policy papers represent the Group’s standpoints and principles on a number of core issues, including human rights, diversity and inclusion, product safety, environmental sustainability, responsible marketing, sustainable raw materials, employee health and safety, investment in communities, and animal welfare, as well as serving as an updated policy on preventing bribery and corruption and protecting privacy.

Implementing the Code of Ethics and the policy papers was carried out using implementation tools and an extensive training series, along with widespread communications. In Israel, a new tutorial was developed along with upgrading the Ethics Trustee infrastructure at the different sites, in order to deepen the knowledge in the units and ensure responsiveness.

At the Coffee Company, training was run by HR, and tests were given on the content. In addition, a new system was implemented to train employees on ethics principles, compliance and guidelines on data protection and privacy, including tests on the material. At every site in the Group, the physical ethics stands were updated with the Codes of Ethics in the languages relevant to each site.

This activity supports 1 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Responsible Consumption and Production (12)