Doing Good by Doing Food – Strauss Group לוגו שטראוס

Innovation has always been one of our ways to influence and improve the lives of people. Innovation is manifested in processes, technologies, and the search for better raw materials to expand our range of products as an answer to evolving needs. In the past few years, the Group has invested in FoodTech, out of a commitment to develop sustainable food, which fulfils the needs of diverse consumers and has grown or been produced while taking the environment into consideration.

Our innovation can be seen in the Group’s activities, in the products we produce and market, in the services we provide and the way in which we reach our customers. Over the past year, we’ve expanded our range of D2C options, and our ability to reach our consumers in real time, where it is convenient for them and in a way that is convenient for them to purchase and consume our products.

We increased the activities of the Strauss+ app, we expanded the volume of Elite Coffee’s online activities – Elite Coffee’s site added new categories this year, the GIFT IT site for online gift packages enabled people to send a warm message to other in spite of the distance. We increased the range of our products and activities out of a desire to listen to and respond to our customers in real time. This year, we increased our technological capabilities and our understanding of the consumer through use of data on our platforms at Strauss Water, Strauss Israel, the Coffee Company, and Sabra and Obela. We strengthened our presence and significantly increased the number of subscribers to our BEANZ project, a startup within Strauss that provides people with fresh, high-quality coffee, hand ground at the home of the coffee farmer and delivered directly to their homes.

Our investment in promoting innovation comes from the wish to produce better food and to create a healthier food system for the coming generations as well. This is what we are trying to create in the FoodTech sphere. FoodTech is based on on the desire of consumers who are seeking food that’s healthier, tastier, more natural and better for the planet. Innovation and FoodTech will provide the solutions. The Strauss innovation branch, which includes Alpha Strauss and The Kitchen incubator in Ashdod, is based on the deep understanding that is at the heart of the food revolution. Startups and technological development companies that we have guided to success, to launch products, deals and successful capital investments around the world, are trailblazers in every aspect of the FoodTech world.

Our innovation framework is comprised of three channels: Food innovation, innovation in adapting to target markets, and a new model of open innovation in the Alpha Strauss – FoodTech Community.

This activity supports 1 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Zero Hunger (2)