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Creating Impact Through FoodTech Innovation – Strauss Group

Creating Impact Through FoodTech Innovation

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It is through innovation that we are able to deliver diverse food and beverage solutions that provide real value to the consumer and the industry, while adhering to the principles of protecting the environment and conserving natural resources. In addition, innovation is the basis for maintaining the Strauss Group as a dynamic and vibrant food company that continues to expand and reach new audiences around the world. Innovation is also one of the significant engines for business growth.


There are various aspects of innovation that are evident at different stages of the product development cycle. We maintain a systematic approach that allows us to examine all e possible needs and gaps and to develop solutions to promote continuous improvement of our existing products portfolio together with new product development, always taking into account the environmental impact of the entire value chain and our commitment to produce better products.

Our innovation framework consists of three key innovation channels:

1. Brand Innovation:

Developing new products to expand and diversify product supply. Product innovation is a result of concepts presented by our R&D experts, employees, consumers or suppliers, taking into account the changing technology and trends in the world of food. These ideas are presented in a dedicated innovation promotion path, leading to the launch of over 200 products a year.

2. Target Audience Innovation:

This channel focuses on addressing consumer needs, such as improving nutritional composition and adapting products to unique target populations by using emerging technologies, new raw materials, and new production methods.

3. Open Innovation in a New Model:

Strauss has established and led the FoodTech sector in Israel since 2011. Under an initiative called Alpha Strauss, we have created an extensive relationship with scientists, entrepreneurs, and start-ups in the FoodTech community with three main directions:

  • Operative cooperation between entrepreneurs and group companies: joint development of technologies to solve operational problems and/or advance product ideas, such as new sesame varieties, energy saving solutions, salt and sugar reduction, etc.;
  • Business collaboration between Strauss’s innovation arm and entrepreneurs: an entrepreneur develops a technological idea which is then marketed by the Group’s innovation arm, with the entrepreneur getting paid royalties;
  • Establishing start-ups within The Kitchen Incubator: training, investing in and accompanying startups from the FoodTech field under the auspices of the FoodTech incubator founded by the Strauss Group in collaboration with the Chief Scientist of Israel five years ago. The Kitchen’s incubator team, together with experts in various areas of Strauss, accompany the companies in the process of product development, scaling-up (shifting to commercial scale), conducting pilot experiments, adopting the new technologies in the Group’s plants, connecting investors and knowledge experts based on the company’s international collaborations, and providing the company’s expert team to accompany the startups’ professional and business activities. The companies are generating innovation that brings value along various stages in the value chain.

This activity supports 4 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Zero Hunger (2)
  • Good Health and Well-Being (3)
  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (9)
  • Responsible Consumption and Production (12)