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Promoting People with Disabilities – Strauss Group

Promoting People with Disabilities

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In 2019, we completed the process of adapting Strauss as per the Israeli Law for Equal Rights for people with disabilities, which began in 2015 in company buildings as well as providing service to our customers. In 2020, a multi-sector work team was established with the aim of promoting the employment of people with disabilities; physical and digital accessibility to the company’s sites and services, beyond what is required by law; strengthening the connection with organizations that promote accessibility and activities in this field for the community; as well as increasing the awareness and involvement of employees. 

We will continue to work towards increasing the proportion of people with disabilities in our workforce. The goal we have set is to be compliant with the rate required by law of 3%, while the activities above aim to assist us in achieving this goal. 

In 2020, 14 employees with disabilities started working at the Strauss factory in Southern Israel, in production line roles. This brought us up to 20 employees with disabilities working at the factory, as part of a process that began in 2019 with hiring three deaf-mute employees. 

Strauss’ efforts to include people with disabilities also includes its products. In 2021, Strauss Israel will launch several packages for its leading products that were designed with accessibility in mind. The concepts for these packages were developed by industrial design students at the Holon Institute of Technology during a dedicated hackathon. The concepts for development include an easy to open chip packet, a dairy dessert with a tab for easy opening of the lid, and more.