The Men & Women of Strauss – Strauss Group לוגו שטראוס

Strauss employees are the most significant partners of the Strauss Way, its results and its choices. Onboarding, development and retention of employees with the capabilities, skills and motivation required in our company are critical for the continued success and growth of our business.
In the dynamic 21st century work environment, we must constantly strive to improve and be an employer of choice for our employees. We endeavor to provide our employees all over the world with a workplace replete with meaning and values in whose design they share. It is important to us to offer opportunities for development and growth, and challenges that will foster excellence. As a result, we invest significant resources in creating a range of options for our employees’ learning and development. We act out of genuine respect and caring for our employees and create a respectful, empowering, diverse and inclusive work environment. We take numerous varied steps to support and improve our employees’ welfare and wellbeing.
In 2020, 3,220 new employees joined us, out of which, 40% were women.
Strengthening and preserving the trust of Strauss women and men who are employed in the company is a basic condition for our success. Trust is built on the ongoing efforts to fulfill our employment vision. We constantly strive to behave towards all our stakeholders in accordance with our values. Our basic premise is that the trust of our employees is established and preserved when the company consistently demonstrates in its decisions and activities its genuine concern for their welfare, and its level of responsibility toward them and all stakeholders.
In order to increase the trust of our employees, Strauss continues to launch dozens of improvement programs in a range of areas; cultivates a safe and healthy work environment; invests in closing wage gaps and in promoting opportunities that enable every employee to fulfil their potential; and makes sure to conduct ongoing dialog with the employees through a wide range of channels. We are proud of the fact that the women and men of Strauss are committed to the company, are involved, and are highly motivated. Creating a culture of constant improvement compels the employees who are partners in this goal and promote it, and our employees are certainly partners in promoting the mission we have taken upon ourselves as a company – “to improve the lives of people.”

Recognition of Strauss as a High-Quality and Leading Employer

We are pleased and proud of the fact that we were ranked in sixth place in the 2020 BDIcode rankings of the best companies to work out of all companies in Israel (based mainly on feedback from company employees). This ranking was the highest among the industrial companies in Israel. This is further proof of Strauss’ recognition as an attractive and groundbreaking place of work.

In addition, we are proud to have won first place in the 2020 Excellence Competition of the Human Resources organization in the “Entrepreneurship in the Corona Era at Large Companies” category. First place was awarded to Strauss out of dozens of companies and organizations nominated, as a result of its extensive activity in supporting its employees, making flexible and optimal adjustments to the Corona period, and sense of employment stability and security that the company managed to provide its employees during this challenging time (more on this).

Strauss is recognized for its leadership outside of Israel as well. For four consecutive years, (2017-2020), Obela Australia has won the Australian Business Awards’ Preferred Employer Award. The award was given to Obela in recognition of the positive culture it created for its employees, and of the company’s efforts to promote a suitable strategy, the high performance of all its employees, leadership, safety and health, optimum conditions, and high levels of satisfaction.

Strengthening Employee Engagement
We believe in the importance of maintaining and strengthening the engagement of our employees with the organization. Thus, in 2020 Strauss Israel joined an employee engagement forum with three other leading companies in the Israeli market – Bank Hapoalim, Netafim and Elbit. The forum created the Re:Engage hackathon that brought together work teams from all four companies in order to brainstorm on how we can reinvent ourselves for the work world of the future. The teams sought solutions for several challenges:

  • How do you create and maintain a sense of team in a period of working from remote without any physical contact?
  • How do you create real internal communication in a time of messaging overload?
  • How do you support employee work-life balance and mental resilience?
  • How do you reinforce a sense of meaning and create an impact among employees and managers?
    These challenges were also sent to about 200 employees from all four organizations for their input, and they provided additional ideas to be considered by the teams. The leading ideas were awarded prizes and recognition, and are currently being assessed for implementation in the different organizations.

Employee Survey Results

An extensive Strauss Group employee survey is conducted once a year to strengthen dialog with the employees, receive feedback, examine the improvement and growth of the company in relation to the employees, and create a cross-company cultural snapshot. The last survey of the entire Group took place in 2019, with a response rate of 88% of all Strauss employees. That survey indicated a high level of satisfaction among the employees, while very high grades (over 80%) were received in all main metrics.  

In 2020, after the start of the Corona crisis, local surveys were conducted, tailored to the various companies and countries in which they operate. As follows are details of the main findings per company:

Strauss Israel:

 The company conducted two surveys during the year. The first was at the end of April, immediately after the start of the Corona crisis. The second, wide scale survey, took place towards the end of 2020. The time gap between surveys enabled the company to assess the feelings and needs of the employees from two perspectives – the early stage of dealing with the crisis, and after an extended period of time of working in the new routine. The results indicated a high level of employee trust in the company from a number of perspectives: proper, stable and well-communicated management of the crisis (92% of respondents); received all the equipment and resources required to stay healthy (92%); commitment and high motivation (86%); caring on the part of the managers (89%); sense of security, employment stability and meaning (94%); sense of pride in the company (93%); and recommendation of Strauss as a preferred place of work (90%).

We regard these positive results as evidence of the company’s successful efforts to support the employees in this challenging time. The findings illustrate that the employees’ level of trust in the organization and its managers increased, and this is a result of three main factors: a feeling of caring and concern for the employees, ongoing communication, and decision making that was perceived as fair and transparent.

Strauss Coffee

Participation in two surveys conducted in 2020 by Lotem Sensing was high (75% average of Strauss Coffee employees, not including Israel or Ukraine, which participated in separate surveys.) The findings pointed to a high level of satisfaction among employees with the company’s conduct during the Corona crisis and the adjustments made to deal with it (89% on average). All of the additional metrics surveyed received very high results (over 90%): sense of meaning, support and attention from the managers, and effectiveness of the remote work processes established during the crisis.

Topics whose importance was emphasized by the survey findings were the employees’ sense of employment stability, concern for the health of the employees and their families, strengthening the connection with colleagues while working from remote; and a desire for personal development. As a result of these findings, the company is working to provide an increased response to these issues.

In 2021, Strauss Coffee will implement a new and leading system for the management and improvement of the employee experience. SAP-Qualtrics enables advanced data monitoring and analysis, combining operational aspects with a sense of belonging, trust and the employee experience. The system will be used, among other things, to conduct surveys at Strauss Coffee and its business units at any time, frequency and with the content that the business and organizational reality requires.

Strauss Water:

 The company conducted an organization survey in September 2020 to assess the commitment of its employees in the shadow of the Corona crisis. The data indicated extremely positive results in all metrics surveyed: High sense of connectedness to the organization (about 94% of the respondents); high overall satisfaction with working at the company (89%); sense of pride in the company (95%); sense of meaning in the role (94%); concern for the employees by the company (91%); %); and recommendation of Strauss Water as a preferred place of work (93%).


The company conducted three surveys in 2020, using new, dedicated tools. The surveys examined the needs of the employees in the shadow of the Corona crisis, levels of employee commitment and  dedication, and various metrics regarding the organization’s capabilities, trust and effectiveness during the Corona period. The results showed a high level of satisfaction (83% on average), which increased consistently throughout the year. An additional statistic that improved from survey to survey was the rate of answers to open questions, a trend that indicates an increasing level of trust and openness and enables a deeper understanding of employee needs. We are confident that these positive results were due to a series of actions that we took in 2020 – increased transparency regarding the organization’s plans and conduct during the crisis, increased supply of training and guidance on conduct, and broad investment in employee welfare.

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