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Promoting Underrepresented Populations

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Promoting Opportunities for Members of the Arab Sector in Israel

Over the past four years, we have made an extra effort to include more Israeli Arab employees in our organization. Arabs comprise 21% of the population of Israel, and about 25% of all Strauss Israel and Group HQ employees, about  of Strauss Water employees, and 15% of Strauss Coffee in Israel. 

Following efforts to strengthen diversity and inclusion, 5% of all professional and management roles at Strauss Israel are now from the Arab sector (79), more than double the number (36) from 2019. In addition, in 2020, Strauss hired six employees from the Arab sector directly into middle management roles, compared to only one in 2019. These six new employees include two information systems development people, a field that used to be devoid of employee diversity.

In 2020, Strauss Israel and Strauss Water continued with their collaboration with the Co-Impact initiative, in a cross-sectoral partnership that was established in 2013 to achieve a breakthrough in employing members of the Arab sector in Israel.

Initiatives in this area that we continued to promote in 2020 included:

  • A dedicated recruitment coordinator was appointed for the Arab sector.
  • Strauss participated in employment fairs targeted at the Arab sector, for example, the employment fair at the Technion Institute of Technology.
  • Launch of the Bootcamp Program for training economists from the Arab sector to take up financial positions at Strauss.
  • Embarking on a unique project to develop an employer brand in the Arab sector.
  • Implementing a new kit for diversity onboarding and management for managers. In addition, we continued our managers’ participation in the Co-Impact mentoring program.
  • Peer forum activities for employees from the Arab sector, in which 17 employees from the Arab sector committed to assist with leading the change and building appropriate tools.

Leading in the Socioeconomic Forum

On the national level, the CEO of Strauss Israel heads a work team for the promotion of the prosperity of Arab society within the framework of the Israel Socio-Economic Forum (Israel Business Round Table). The team promotes solutions for diverse procurement and employment. Here, the social, business and government sectors drive joint work processes focused on finding solutions to stimulate more meaningful integration of the Arab sector by promoting employment and diverse procurement. The proposed solutions were presented at the Israel Socio-Economic Forum’s annual event in the presence of the President of Israel Reuven Rivlin.

Strauss Water Promotes and Studies the Integration of Arab Society

In 2020, Strauss Water intensified its search for obstacles to integrating employees from the Arab sector and come up with solutions. The company’s efforts in this area garnered external recognition when it was awarded the Israel Forum for Employment Diversity’s Dov Lautman Business Diversity Award.

Four out of the six people recruited for HQ positions in 2020 (66%) were from the Arab sector.