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People, businesses and countries can only succeed in a healthy environment, and this is dependent on socio-economic resilience and trust. Diversity and inclusion is the willingness to change ourselves to enable people to integrate, and the ability to adapt the company’s products and services to achieve better business results, and create a more just and healthy society.

Diversity and inclusion is a key issue we have chosen to promote, and for us, it is a significant component of sustainability management. Strauss was established based on the vision of our founders, Dr. Richard and Hilda Strauss, to build a nation by way of food. As a commercial company that operates in various communities in Israel and around the world, we understand that the broader the range of people with diverse outlooks and capabilities that  we include, the more we will be able to deepen our identity as values-based – fair, humane, innovative and relevant – and improve our ability to be a more successful company. 

The aspiration to be a more diverse and inclusive company is a way of life for Strauss.  A central emphasis of the entire company is promoting women, alongside creating a culture of inclusion in all its aspects, at every site, in keeping with the local populations, and encouraging diverse hiring that represents the populations in which we operate. workforce diversity policy and management is oversight by the Senior Vice President of Human Resources. In 2020, we updated our organizational goals on this subject. This is how we plan to continue to support the processes and changes that are taking place in the companies, and we will challenge ourselves to develop and improve.

Focus and goals of Strauss Group in the area of diversity and inclusion:

Group Goals:

Organizational Culture Gender Equality
Creating a supportive culture and developing inclusive leadership in the managements of the Group and companies. Recruiting, promoting and developing women in management roles - at least 50% of management roles.

Promoting Women and Gender equality

A central pillar of activity in Strauss’ diversity and inclusion strategy, as well as in its ongoing activity, is gender equality. Women held 59.5%  the company’s revenue-producing roles, 36.80%  of the information technology (IT) workforce,  20.2%  of engineering and R&D roles. 

Our Gender equality efforts are overseen by the Senior VP of Human Resources (Member of the executive team) and senior managers report on their divisions progress and performance per the company’s goals to the CEO. Strauss Group take various measures to promote gender diversity such as mentoring programs, shorten requirement list, working with women’s organizations expend awareness to opening in the company, to path changing options, gender-diverse slate of candidates for management role, and more. The company is regularly reviewing it gender pay gap and launched in 2020 an extensive 2025 roadmap to ensure equal pay for equal work, using external audit.

The consistent advances in the gender equality field and promotion of women at Strauss is manifested in the continuous improvement in the indices:

  • Women in management roles: 45% (compared to 36% at the start of the 2010) with 24% in senior management roles, and 46% of middle and other management roles. The Group’s goal is 50% women in management roles by 2024.
  • Women in the extended executive management: 43% of the extended executive management, an increase of 41%  since 2019.
  • Women on the Strauss Board of Directors: In 2020, a female majority of 58% was achieved on the board, 7 out of 12.

In 2020, 74% of the company’s entry level positions are held by women. During 2020, we hired 1347 women (39%) and 38% of the promoted personal, women were less likely to live the company during 2020, and of the personal who left women were 41.5%.

Strauss Water Goals on Diversity and Inclusion

Global Group Goal for Gender Equality Strauss Israel Strauss Water Strauss Coffee Sabra & Obela
Women in management roles 50% 45.5% Women in management roles
46.30% 43.20% 44.50% 45.80%
Female members Company executive leadership 50% 28.6% Female members in executive leadership
30% 66% 0% 50%

The “Woman to Woman” program at Strauss Israel, Strauss Water and the Group HQ – The program offers group mentoring using a unique model of female manager mentors for women in pre-management roles. It includes 8 mentors and 35 participants.

“Personal for Me” program at Strauss Water – This is the third year in a row that we have run a development program for women who are not managers. The program provides career development tools, and focuses on gender capabilities and perceptions. In 2020 the program had 11 participants.

“Everything you can imagine is real” program at Strauss Water – A program for the personal development and empowerment of female employees in finance departments. In 2020, 30 women participated over the course of nine months, in weekly meetings of various sizes.

“Fulfilment” program for production line employees at the Confectionary Factory in Israel – The program includes content presented by the “Be’atzmi” organization, and female managers from Strauss who serve as mentors. The program’s content includes improving self-confidence; examining aspirations, skills and needs; coping with internal and external obstacles; formulating goals and employment plans for female workers and how to achieve them; computer skills; and familiarity with a range of roles at Strauss and with the success stories of the mentors.

Supporting the Shavot organization – In 2020, Strauss Israel sponsored the first Israeli Girls Week of the Shavot organization. As part of the activities, hundreds of boys and girls from all over Israel met with leading women, including managers at Strauss, to get inspiration from them and meet role models in a range of fields. In addition, Strauss Chairperson Ofra Strauss was interviewed as part of a series of interviews with groundbreaking women that was broadcast on social media.

In addition, in 2020, we continued our long-term work with organizations that promote empowerment, such as Jasmine, WIZO, Ajeec (for women from the Bedouin population), One in Nine, and more.

Promoting Awareness of the Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in Marketing Activities

Strauss Group is active in promoting awareness of diversity and inclusion among the business and wider communities, including through the company’s advertising campaigns. One example is the Sabra ad aired at halftime of the 2020 Superbowl in the US. The campaign used celebrities who represent diverse communities. It included unprecedented representation of the LGBTQ community in a Superbowl ad with the participation of drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race. The campaign garnered many positive responses and received glowing media coverage

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion at Strauss Israel

In May 2020, Strauss Israel launched an intensive initiative to promote diversity and inclusion under the heading “Only when we meet can we really know”, out of the approach that strengthening familiarity serves as a foundation for diversity and inclusion. As part of this initiative, several events were held:

  • “Celebrating Diversity” – a cross-organizational event to get to know the groups in Israeli society
  • Inclusive work environment for members of the LGBTQ community
  • Company meet up to mark the Sigd festival (of the Beta Israel community)
  • Company meet up on the topic of employing people with disabilities at the Salty Snacks factory.
  • “Vos iz dos” (“What is this”) – Marketing department meeting to get to know the Ultra-Orthodox community
  • Within the framework of Strauss Summer – activities in Arabic for, among other, children, and standup for adults.
  • Emphasis on internal communication in various languages, including an employee survey in three .

Obela Europe is one of the most diverse companies in Strauss Group. The 50 employees in the company in the Netherlands come from 14 different countries – Netherlands, Israel, Morocco, Tunisia, Nigeria, Ghana, Germany, Britain, Poland, Colombia, Aruba, Surinam, and USA.

The company is proud of this and celebrates its human and cultural diversity. In an effort to connect this diversity with the food it manufactures, the company even started a tradition of lunches for the employees based on its products adapted to the various cuisines of each country of origin, for example, Moroccan, German, Colombian, etc.,  hummus meals.

Sabra US recognizes and celebrates their employees’ diverse backgrounds, by, for example, marking significant events for each population during the year. This includes Black History Month, International Women’s Day, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Pride Month, Cinco de Mayo, and Hispanic Heritage Month.

Support for the LGBTQ Community

In June 2020, we held an event to mark Pride Month in Israel with a panel of employees who shared their stories and the challenges they cope with. During the month, Strauss Chairperson Ofra Strauss spoke at the community’s opening event in Israel.

This activity supports 1 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Gender Equality (5)