Social Initiatives in Israel – Strauss Group לוגו שטראוס

Partnership with ORT to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle and Conscious Eating

In 2019, we formed a collaboration with the ORT network to create a program to promote conscious eating among students. ORT built a comprehensive program of lesson plans that includes normal body indices and healthy nutrition, and is supported by professionals from Strauss Group.  The program encourages learning through the active involvement of the students. In addition, the program conducts workshops that teach participants how to build a campaign aimed at raising awareness of a healthy lifestyle.
The initiative includes a website (tailored to mobile) for integrated learning. In 2019, a pilot was conducted at four schools in the Arab and Jewish sectors.

During the 2020 school year, the project was expanded to a further four schools. In addition, activities for sharing the knowledge acquired by the students with younger students at the school were added to the project, by creating active student leadership in the area of conscious eating and a healthy lifestyle. This knowledge was transferred to individual classrooms and, on milestone days, to a number of classes at once, and often entire grades by the members of the leadership teams.

The program is currently active in eight ORT schools in Ashkelon, Karmiel, Pardes Hannah, Ramle, Abu Talul, Bustan al-Marj, Kfar Saba and Ateret Rachel, which include a diverse range of students from different population groups in Israeli society. For us at Strauss, the diversity of this population is part of the company’s goal of improving healthy lifestyles in a wide range of communities.

There are a total of 130 students from all the schools in the local leadership group. About 1,100 students participated in classroom workshops, and about 6,000 students participated in milestone days.

For more information, please see the program’s website, available in Hebrew and Arabic

קידום אורח חיים בריא ואכילה מודעת

Collaboration to Eradicate Hunger in Israel

Latet is a not for profit organization whose goal is to reduce poverty in Israel. One of the organization’s activities is a comprehensive program to salvage food and redistribute it. In this way, the organization helps to distribute food packages to about 60,000 families per month. Strauss Israel partnered with Latet over a decade ago, and provides the organization with food products and assists them in sorting and distributing the food packages. In 2020, in the shadow of the Corona crisis, Strauss supported Latet in a range of projects throughout the year and with donations estimated at about 550 tons of products.

In 2020, we also extended our support to additional organizations that provide food security in Israel, including Leket Israel. The organization provides baskets of just fruits and vegetables at a weight of 10kg per family of five. During the Corona period, Strauss supported about 11,000 families through Leket Israel, and volunteers from Strauss Israel assisted.

The organization calculates the environmental and economic impact of the donation of the baskets and accordingly, estimated that the value of Strauss’ contribution was about 56,600 shekels. The calculation includes the economic benefits of salvaging the fruits and vegetables, and savings on the reduced environmental impact from reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and reducing loss of water and land resources.

For more information about Strauss’ activities to promote food security in the shadow of Corona, see the chapter – Corona – Supporting the Community

Partnership with UNISTREAM to Promote Innovation in the Israeli Periphery

A significant number of Strauss Israel sites operate in communities on the social and/or geographic periphery of the country. Therefore, one part of the Groups’ community investment strategy in Israel is contributing to the economic and personal development of the residents of those communities, (for example, by increasing local entrepreneurship in the field of food – more details here). Another is that Strauss has partnered for many years with the Unistream organization. Unistream promotes entrepreneurship and fulfilling the potential of youth in the geographic and social periphery of Israel, while expanding horizons and teaching them practical business skills for their futures.

Strauss’ different sites are involved in this organization’s activities. The Yotvata Dairies  support the Unistream center in Eilat, Strauss Dairies in Acre support their local center, and Strauss Water has a connection with the center in Or Yehudah.

Strauss’ friendship and support of Unistream includes business mentoring youth through an entrepreneurship project; Strauss employees volunteer to give workshops and lectures and participate in management/investment committees; hosting students at the company’s sites; and monetary contributions for the funding of, for example, grants for winning projects, scholarships for participating youth, renovating centers, and funding a campaign to recruit students.

Israeli Ambassadors

As one of the leading companies in Israel, Strauss regards itself as an ambassador of Israel, and works to strengthen business and other ties between Israel and countries around the world. As part of this approach, the Elite Turkish Coffee brand launched an ad campaign in partnership with the ISRAELis organization. ISRAELis works to improve the connections between Israel and countries around the world through educational activities and increasing awareness among thousands of young Israeli travelers. The campaign combined conversations with travelers abroad, with ads in different media such as TV, billboards and social media. We hope that after the campaign, Israeli travelers’ awareness of being ambassadors will increase, and that this positive attitude will manifest itself in their conversations and interactions with travelers from other countries and with the locals. Part of these conversations and their positive results were already shown in the campaign.

This activity supports 4 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Zero Hunger (2)
  • Good Health and Well-Being (3)
  • Reduced inequalities (10)
  • Quality education (4)