Donations and Volunteering – Strauss Group לוגו שטראוס

Strauss is active in communities, with an emphasis on promoting diversity and inclusion as well as promoting balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Our community activities range from dozens of projects that we support over time in our areas of focus, and promoting awareness of volunteering assistance, food donations and food salvage, and stimulating change processes through partnerships that we either initiate or participate in. We collaborate with 40 non-profit organizations in our ongoing community programs.

2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Investment in the community (in millions of shekels)
Monetary donations 3.4 4.9 4.5 4.8 10.9
Value of Product Donations 6.7 6.7 6 7.7 13.6
Value of employee volunteer ours and community outreach 1.7 1.7 1.5 2.1 1
Total 11.8 13.3 12 14.6 25.5

In 2020, Strauss Group employees invested about 7,000 volunteering hours as part of our various community projects around the world. Unfortunately, the significant drop in volunteering was an unavoidable result of the social distancing restrictions and guidelines during the Corona crisis

Strauss CARE – Social Responsibility Week

Social Responsibility Week is held annually in June. In 2020, due to corona virus constraints, lockdowns and changing guidelines from country to country, our activities focused on virtual or open-air activities and small groups. The activities were for all Strauss Group employees around the world and conformed to local guidelines and restrictions. Strauss CARE Week enabled Strauss employees to reach out, recognize and contribute to the various communities in our areas of activity that needed increased support due to the crisis. This year, too, Social Responsibility Week focused on Strauss’ core business and our main spheres – conscious nutrition and a healthy lifestyle in diverse communities, while adapting the activities and content to the immediate needs that arose from the global crisis.

Strauss CARE week has four main objectives:

A. Promote Strauss’ values and business strategy, while focusing on core activities, and promoting conscious nutrition and a healthy lifestyle among diverse communities.
B. Providing an opportunity for dialogue with diverse communities and familiarization with different needs, characteristics and expectations
C. Promoting a social impact on the communities in which we operate
D. Empowering employees and managers while strengthening the sense of purpose of the company’s activities.

Examples of Strauss CARE 2020 activities in Israel and Around the World

  • Support for farmers – Assistance with harvesting crops in open fields, in order to reduce the labor shortage gap caused by the coronavirus crisis.
  • Packing food baskets at food bank organizations and distributing them – The fruit and vegetables picked from fields were used, for example, for preparing food packages for about 4,000 families in need, in partnership with Leket Israel. Additional food baskets for the needy were packed during joint activities with the Pitchon Lev organization, the Latet organization and other aid organizations around the world.
  • Virtual activities with senior citizens living alone – holding “happy calls” with senior citizens and Holocaust survivors. In addition, calls were made to gather information about the lives of senior citizens as part of the “Human Mosaic” project of the VeHadarta organization.
  • Online tutorials on balanced diets, healthy lifestyles, volunteering and mutual responsibility – with our community partners, using kits designed by the Shiur Acher organization. These lesson plans, which have been taught by Strauss employees for a number of years, were adapted to the limitations of remote learning by the Shiur Acher organization. The lessons were run by the employees within various frameworks for children, teens and adults.