Community Engagement – Strauss Group לוגו שטראוס

At Strauss we consider maintaining the resilience of our communities as extremely important. The communities made up of our employees, business partners and consumers, are the basis for all our organization’s activities. These activities are based on the principles of being considerate to others and to the environment, caring for women and people, and paying attention to the needs of all our stakeholders. We believe that strong communities foster strong businesses. Our goal is to improve the lives of people, including all the local communities in which we do business.

We endeavor to maintain close connections with the local communities both in the way in which we operate as well as through our initiatives. All our activities include investment or involvement of one kind or another in local communities, through donations, teams of volunteers or social, strategic partnerships.

Investment in Communities

Building trust with communities occurs when the community feels that the company considers its needs when making decisions, when people feel that the company cares about them - caring that’s expressed by adapting the company’s products, but not only. It’s also about concern for the social and economic development of the members of the community, and not just for the business. We strive to maintain close connections with the local communities in which we operate. Our community activities are, on the one hand, varied, and on the other hand, focused on promoting conscious nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, as well as promoting diversity and inclusion.

Global Growth

The Corona crisis influenced, among others, Strauss’ global diversity and inclusion strategy. In keeping with the Building Back Better approach, insights from the period of crisis have been incorporated into our new strategy. At Strauss, we understand that this is the best time to create opportunities to promote global growth. As such, we increased our activities in this area among employees in the Arab sector in Israel and among communities in various developing regions of the world.