Nutrition & Gastronomic Strategy – Strauss Group לוגו שטראוס

In recent years, Strauss Group has been operating according to a nutritional strategy. Strauss Israel defined a nutritional and gastronomic strategy that outlines our way. The strategy is based on nine principles of good nutrition, which are the guidelines for strategic development processes and product development decision-making. We regard the implementation of this strategy as an important step in our journey and as a basis for gaining the trust of our consumers. The strategy deals with three main areas connected to the quality of food: (1) What food we prepare and what it represents (2) from what raw materials, and (3) how to we prepare it.


Constant Improvement

Improving the nutritional profile of existing products and proposing balanced alternatives via new development.


Balanced Nutrition

Increasing the supply of products offered in various package sizes including measured-out servings.


Clean Label

Removing ingredients that are not an inherent part of the product and making an effort to transition to natural ingredients only.


Strengthening the Good

Increasing the supply of products that have clear nutritional advantages.


Accessible Nutrition

Developing products for consumers with special dietary needs.


A Balanced Diet for All

Fair and accessible pricing.



Taking responsibility for our impact throughout the supply chain.


Transparency and consistency

Clear and transparent presentation of information to consumers.


A Passion for Food

Awareness of the role of food in our lives that is way beyond functional.

Nutritional Strategy Goals

In order to fulfill our nutritional strategy, in 2019, we formulated and published a set of goals in the sphere of nutrition and gastronomy. These challenging goals are aimed at being gradually achieved by 2024, and are the expression of our responsibility to better food. The goals are a complete change of perception, along with the company’s willingness to invest resources in adapting our machinery and equipment, changing the recipes of familiar products, and developing new products.

We are proud to present our strategic nutritional goals for 2024:

Sphere 2024 Goals and Main Activities Main Platforms for Implementation
Culinary and Gastronomy – essence, passion and the taste vision and experience
A culture of passion for food Promoting “a passion for food” as a significant and inseparable layer of the Strauss organizational culture · Culinary Center (Karmiel)
Innovation with Culinary Value Developing tasty, modern and relevant products that meet the latest culinary trends in Israel and around the world · Strauss Visitors Center
Authentic Food Food that is “closest to its source” with a cultural identity, value and story, connected to the farmer behind it. · Platform for culinary and gastronomical promotion: Beanz, Roots and Taste of Nature Market
Sustainability Values in Raw Materials – the farmer, growing conditions and impact on the environment
Sustainable farming and consistent raw materials The main agricultural raw materials will be consistent to the level of the field and sustainable purchasing sources. · Locally grown raw materials
· Shift to sustainable dairies
· Unique Strauss platforms for promoting local food and empowering a local value chain, for example: Roots and Taste of Nature Market.
Nutrition – Methods of preparing products and their suitability to a variety of consumers
Accessible food: Now I Can – veganism; sugar-free/gluten free/lactose free Strauss is committed to the accessibility of products for a wide variety of target audiences with unique dietary needs:
Currently offering a wide range of “additive-free ” products
Committed to launching at least 50 new products.
Clean Eating Strauss products will be free of artificial coloring and over 70% of products will not contain artificial flavors.
Measured Out Servings 70% of Strauss products for personal consumption will be offered as a serving of under 200 calories (snacks/candy/sweetened products for personal consumption)
Nutrition that supports an active/sporting lifestyle Increasing the offerings of accessible nutritional solutions for people participating in sports:
· “The World of Protein” – promoting the next generation of high quality protein-rich products from Strauss Dairy and in new product categories.
· Developing new products for energy-management and improving performance during physical activity.
Improving Nutritional Value Reducing sugar, sodium and saturated fat in all product categories in the Group:
· Reducing sugar in confectionary: At least 50% of confectionary for personal consumption will contain less than 10 grams of sugar
· Reducing sugar at the dairy: At least 70% of dairy products for personal consumption will contain less than 8 grams of added sugar
· Limiting the number of marked products: Strauss is committed to not increasing the percentage of products marked with red nutritional labels .
· Developing products with high nutritional value: Vitamins, minerals probiotics, fiber, etc.
Promoting balanced diets in the community We will partner in projects promoting a healthy lifestyle with a cumulative influence on the lives of millions of people .

At the core of our approach to developing products and our efforts to promote a healthy way of life, is the desire to offer our consumers smarter choices. Our goals are to provide consumers with a varied basket of products fitting each of their lifestyles, according to their culture, needs and dietary approach. In the various product categories, Strauss enables personalized selection, including products with low calories, sugar, salt and saturated fat. At the same time, we offer products that contain an increased amount of protein, oil with enhanced nutritional value, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. These values are clearly labeled, while offering higher levels of transparency and enabling consumers to make personalized decisions. 

Sugar: Since 2011, we have gradually been reducing the quantity of sugar in our products. By using various technologies adapted to our products and to their production methods, we have managed to reduce the sugar in a variety of our dairy and other products, while maintaining their excellent taste. Examples include reducing the amount of sugar in the Actimel and Milky recipes by about 50%, and by over 60% in the chocolate milk products; manufacturing and marketing a line of jams with 33% less sugar; and launching a new lightly sweetened slab of chocolate.

In 2020, we removed about 142 tons of sugar from our products – about 92 tons of sugar from our dairy products (Milky, Limbo and drinking Dani) and another 54 tons of sugar from our confectionary.

Beloved products with no added sugar:

קונפיטורה של יד מרדכי ודנונה - מוצרים מופחתים סוכר

Salt: We significantly reduced the salt in a variety of products, including salty snacks, Ski cheese, salads, cereal bars, potato chips, peanut snacks, corn chips, hummus, etc.

In 2020, we removed 7.4 tons of salt from our salty snacks. Between 2016 and 2020, we reduced the quantity of salt by about 28% in our leading snacks Tapuchips and Doritos. We are working to further reduce the amount of salt in our various snacks by about 10% by 2021.

These efforts were the result of many collaborations and investments in this area. Reducing salt in our products was made possible by using a special salt manufactured by an Israeli startup. As a result of our efforts in reducing salt, all Strauss Israel salads and most of the snacks met the conditions of the Israeli Health Ministry’s labeling reforms defining recommended amounts of sodium, even before the guidelines were published.

Clean Label Products

Clean Label indicates the use of a small number of ingredients that we are familiar with from the home kitchen, and without ingredients that the consumer doesn’t expect to see, such as additives, sweeteners or preservatives. As part of Strauss’ nutritional strategy, we are constantly seeking potential improvements to our products, which will enable the use of the Clean Label, without compromising on quality, taste or shelf life.

Following are some examples of these types of improvements to various Strauss products from the past few years:

Pro Whey Drinks Cream Sauces Banana Punch Drink Pro Coffee Drink Mocha Drink Yogurt Bar Button-shaped chocolates,
Eliminating food coloring Replacing food additives with citrus fiber and unprocessed starch, and eliminating 4-8 E materials Reducing food additives from four to just one No processed starch Reducing number of stabilizers from four to two and reducing the acidity regulator Reducing the ingredient list, removing processed starch and replacing with milk protein Improving the food colors of the lentils by changing to natural food coloring
Reducing two E materials to just one

A recently launched product is a pure honey with cocoa spread, containing only two ingredients – pure honey and cocoa. The spread contains no preservatives. The development process took about a year, and preserved the unique characteristics of pure honey. The result was a chocolate flavored honey spread, which is a high quality and tasty alternative for those who seek a sweet, balanced chocolate treat.

Another new product is tomato sauce with no added oil or sugar, where the sugar source is just the tomato itself. The range of sauces was developed at Yad Mordechai with Italian chefs, according to a recipe based on a traditional method of cooking. As with all the company’s products, the sauces have no preservatives, added sugar or food coloring.

Measured Out Servings

In 2020, we continued to invest in additional personal serving products in the Confectionary Division, with the aim of expanding the range of options for the consumer to choose from and to enable the selection of a measured sweet treat in and outside the home. Expanding the personal servings line increases the consumer’s convenience while addressing prevailing consumer trends, the snacking trend (consumption of small servings between meals instead of large meals) and the Ready to Eat trend (preference for products that are easy and convenient to eat). In addition, personal servings enable balanced consumption of confectionary and control of portion size.

This activity supports 3 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Zero Hunger (2)
  • Good Health and Well-Being (3)
  • Responsible Consumption and Production (12)