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Extending Products to a Variety of Consumers and Markets – Strauss Group

Extending Products to a Variety of Consumers and Markets

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Our purpose at Strauss is to ensure that as many people as possible can enjoy as many of our products as possible. We do this by making our products available to a wide range of consumers and target markets, adapting them to sensitivities and different needs, and to changing and growing nutritional trends.

Alpro – Plant-Based Milk Substitute

Strauss first entered the plant-based product world a few years ago, with a partnership with a startup that developed the Yofix and Soom desserts. About a year ago, Strauss announced an agreement to market Alpro products in Israel. Alpro is a world leading manufacturer of plant-based milk products and is owned by Danone, a partner (20%) in Strauss Dairies.

At the start of 2021, Strauss Israel announced an investment of about 150 million shekels in a factory in the north of Israel, where it will manufacture fresh products under the Alpro label, including refrigerated desserts and plant-based milk. This factory will enable implementing new technologies, promoting local procurement and employment, and reducing the environmental impact. About 100 workers will be employed at the 4,000 meter plant, which is located not far from the Strauss Ahihud Dairy (on the Acre-Karmiel road).

Increasing the Gluten Free Product Offering

As a food manufacturer, we have a responsibility to ensure that our food is safe for populations with special dietary needs as well, including those who have an intolerance for certain foods such as gluten and lactose.  Adapting to dietary sensitivity-adjusted nutrition not only impacts the individual, but also their entire environment - family and social circles such as nursery schools, schools, work places, and more

Extending Products to a Variety of Consumers and Markets – Strauss Group1

The Florentin Organic Hummus and Salad Brand

One of the most innovative brands that has joined Strauss Group is Florentin, which markets Mediterranean foods in Europe. The brand brings together the increasing popularity of healthy Mediterranean cuisine and the demand for organic food. The products are manufactured in the Netherlands and are marketed in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

Florentin products are free of any food additives, and are based on non-GMO (genetically modified) organic produce, grown without pesticides. The company procures from ethical and local (fair trade) sources, which are environmentally responsible and are subject to meticulous quality control. Florentin invests significant efforts in locating appropriate organic suppliers in the European Union, in order to strengthen local farmers and to reduce the environmental footprint of transporting raw materials.

Florentin hummus won the French Organic Product of the Year award for 2020 in both the Bio and Eco categories.

Meilleur Produit BIO 2020
Meilleur Produit BIO 2020

PRO Products – Supporting a Sporting Lifestyle

We offer a wide range of products with protein as the added value, in the dairy sphere and beyond. The Danone PRO and Pasta PRO range were developed with the aim of providing tasty and accessible solutions for the consumption of protein, allowing those who engage in physical activity to be able to upgrade their daily nutrition.

This activity supports 3 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Zero Hunger (2)
  • Good Health and Well-Being (3)
  • Responsible Consumption and Production (12)