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Water is essential to the functioning of the human body. Drinking plenty of water in general, and as a substitute for sweet beverages in particular, has been proven to have numerous health benefits. So, we set ourselves a goal to increase public awareness of drinking plenty of water, and choosing water over other beverages. Strauss Water develops advanced technologies that purify water in order to maintain the health of its customers. The company’s water bars enable customers to enjoy cold, hot or carbonated water based on their personal preference, at the press of a button, thus encouraging people to drink water. For some two years, Strauss water has been running widescale marketing activity on the most popular platforms in Israel to expose a range of populations to this message – a preference for water and drinking plenty of water.  

Strauss Water works to encourage people to drink water throughout the year, and more so in the summer months. Most of the population, adults and children alike, do not know how much water they should drink every day.  Therefore, a video was produced starring children’s TV star “Thirsty Sigal”, encouraging kids to drink water.  In the video, Sigal asks how much water we should drink every day and the answer refers her, and the audience, to Strauss Water’s Water Calculator to calculate how many glasses of water they should drink per day based on their gender, age, physical activity, etc.


The campaign appeared on the leading TV channels in Israel. In addition, an extensive digital ad campaign was launched to ensure the most widespread exposure possible. Hundreds of thousands of people used the calculator and we are pleased that we managed to increase interest and awareness of this important issue.

This initiative was extended into 2020 via a campaign where “Thirsty Sigal” met a local celebrity. The widespread campaign was aired in the summer and on New Year on TV in Israel.

As a result of the Corona crisis, people spent a lot of time at home and the need to encourage them to drink water at home intensified. As a result, videos were
produced for children in the spirit of the period where the message of personal hygiene was combined with encouraging kids to drink water, and starred
children’s TV star “Little Michal”. They were broadcast on TV channels in Israel. 


A video was also produced for parents explaining how to encourage their children to drink water at home:

The Strauss Water activities to encourage people to drink water was expanded to digital media. The company partnered with a family-oriented Facebook group that posted insights on drinking water during the Corona period. This activity generated about 3,000 interactions.

In parallel, we produced a series of educational videos for various content worlds on social media in collaboration with medical specialists under the heading “Dr. Water”. These videos answered a range of important questions, underscoring the numerous advantages of drinking plenty of water:

All this was in addition to the extensive content activity on social media, collaboration with influencers, and more.

For more on the advantages of drinking water, the importance of drinking water for a healthy lifestyle, the influence on the body and how to ensure that we drink enough, see the Strauss Water Blog.

This activity supports 1 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Good Health and Well-Being (3)