An Appetite for Better Food – Strauss Group לוגו שטראוס

Better food. Better choices. Better impact

At Strauss we love food, and we offer high quality, tasty and nutritious food. We constantly strive to improve so we can live up to the diverse expectations of our stakeholders. This mission is a privilege, yet it carries with it a great responsibility. We take carious approaches  to constantly improving our food and we are always expanding the choices available to our customers. The mission includes our commitment as a leading manufacturer to be a positive influence on the environment, society and the community. As a result, we constantly endeavor to improve our products, and make them healthier and more nutritious.

Our ambition is to lead this process with responsibility and transparency toward all stakeholders, with caring, daring and an authentic passion for food. Accordingly, we aimed to improve the nutritious content of our products, including reducing sugar, sodium, and fat; eliminating preservatives; and more, while maintaining the taste and consistency so loved by our consumers. Furthermore, we expanded the range of products for target audiences with diverse dietary needs, such as products that are gluten-free, low lactose/lactose free, protein and vitamin enriched, vegan, etc.

Strauss constantly seeks out the best and highest quality raw materials. In recent years, we added products that provide plant-based alternatives, and we are in the process of ground-breaking developments with various startups in the FoodTech sphere. We constantly listen to and respond to our stakeholders, and we regard this as our mission and passion.

This process of constant improvement is led by the Strauss development and technology teams who work in close collaboration and build trust with all the Group’s business units, and with all relevant professional communities. This process includes regular and ongoing dialog with professional communities and various stakeholders.

In 2020, the sales rate of “enabling” products that expanded the variety of nutritional choices available to our consumers was about 74% of Strauss Israel, Sabra and Obela’s total sales.