Michael Strauss 1934-2020 – Strauss Group לוגו שטראוס
Michael Strauss 1934-2020 – Strauss Group

Michael Strauss 1934-2020

“Someone asked me not long ago what type of company
I would have expected this company to be. I expected Strauss to be a profitable company.
That the company would be a
humane company.
That its priorities would be:
Quality and excellence,
taking the consumer into consideration and
fulfilling their needs, not losing perspective
over time instead always remaining with your
feet on the ground and never forgetting about the world
in which we live. To be a company that is aware of its
and a company that really
loves what it does.
Don’t let anyone eat a product that you wouldn’t love to eat yourself and don’t
people any differently to the way
you would wish to be treated yourself. Be
together. Together for a long time.”

Michael Strauss

This year we lost Michael Strauss, who was one of the founders and developers of the food industry in Israel, a second generation founder of Strauss Group, and along with his great love for the industry, dedicated the last decades of his life to public and social service.

Throughout the years, Michael saw fit to not only promote Strauss, but also its business and human environment, out of a belief that a fruitful business environment creates true value. Out of this belief, he always acted on behalf of the welfare of the farmers, suppliers, employees and the community at large. We, at Strauss, parted from a man who shaped the company in his image and over many years, was a leader who paved the way for us, on a path on which he labored his whole life to ensure that the company his parents founded would continue to grow and succeed, have a positive impact, and care for people. We are committed to continuing his journey into the future.

May his memory be a blessing