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Strauss’ Framework to Promote ESG – Strauss Group

Strauss' Framework to Promote ESG

Strauss Group supports full transparency in presenting its activities for advocating sustainability among all member of the Group. This transparency is reflected in the rankings carried out by international and local ratings and analysis companies that analyze the Group’s ESG performance in accordance with the
Group’s reports and this sustainability report. The dialog that takes place with these analysis companies enables learning and intensifying the activities along with effectively identifying gaps, and familiarity with the leading expectations and trends in our sphere on both the global and local levels.
In 2020, Strauss Group conducted an ongoing dialog and was ranked by several ratings and analysis bodies. 
We used the various groups’ rankings and analyses to formulate an improvement plan and to close gaps, and this has already been partially implemented within the framework of the updated practices presented in this report.

Protect our Planet                             E (Environment)

People and Communities                 S (Social)

Practice Good Business                   G (Governance)


Sustainable Leadership

The Group’s Board of Directors, headed by Chairperson Ofra Strauss, examines the key moves to manage the issue of sustainability, guides and approves our strategy and action plans. Our management teams report their progress to the B.O.D once a year. Management’s members are responsible for promoting sustainability in their areas of operation, and each subsidiary company in the group has a built-in system to promote the sustainability strategy.

In addition, each company operates according to the three pillars we formulated in the process of developing the global sustainability strategy, a process which began in 2019, was temporarily delayed due to the constraints of the coronavirus crisis and is currently in the final stages of approval.

The 2030 Sustainability Strategy

At the end of 2019, we embarked on the process of developing a new sustainability strategy for the Strauss Group, which takes into consideration global and local agenda, global megatrends, leading initiatives and, opportunities to improve our impact on significant issues, among other issues. For the Strauss Group sustainability is a key pillar in our activities and is an integral part of the strategy. Accordingly, we have drafted a long-term strategy.

 The strategy sets ambitious goals so that we can create a positive impact. As part of the new strategy, areas were defined in which we will continue to expand our achievements, alongside areas in which a significant leap is required. KPIs were set to examine our performance and progress per the objectives. This process was built with the group’s management and is in the final steps of approval.