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Material Issues – Strauss Group

Material Issues

The issues we identified in 2014, which represent our most important and most significant impacts for our stakeholders are still of utmost importance, making a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle the heart of our priorities. These issues have been defined following consultations with our stakeholders, which are reviewed annually as part of the management survey, and Strauss's Annual Trust Research, and are central to our ongoing activities across a variety of channels. These preferred topics are used to define the strategic goals of the Strauss Group companies, and they serve to guide us in achieving the annual goals that are relevant to our business activities based on the specific areas of focus of stakeholders.

Substantial issues are regularly assessed, and during 2020, an update to Strauss's sustainability strategy will be made, which will also examine the substantial issues and will be updated accordingly

Advancing healthy lifestyles

Improving quality of life for our colleagues and consumers

Product transparency & responsible marketing

Helping consumers make informed choices

Reducing resource consumption & waste

Preserving the planet

Ethical supply chain

Managing social and environmental risk

Diversity in everything we do

Supporting innovation, creativity and inclusive opportunity

Engaging our employees

Aligning our organization to meet sustainability goals

Key interests among stakeholders included in this report

Consumers and nutrition professionals Healthy food options, affordable pricing
Employees Equal opportunity, living wage, personal development
Suppliers Opportunity to engage, partnership, fair commercial dealings
Regulators Compliance, sharing of knowledge
Investors Robust corporate governance, risk management, ethical conduct
Social Organizations Supporting communities, protecting the environment