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Partnerships and Relationships with External Entities – Strauss Group

Partnerships and Relationships with External Entities

Strauss Group believes in partnership relationships based on trust, honesty, mutual benefit and learning. These principles are implemented both in joint business ventures and in company initiatives that function in collaboration with non-profit organizations as well as our membership in external frameworks and initiatives that promote various sustainability and ESG issues.

Business Partnerships

  • Since the 1970s, Strauss Dairies has had a long term mutual relationship with the global Danone corporation. This partnership was strengthened in 1996 when Danone acquired 20% of the Strauss Dairies.

·        The partnership between Strauss and PepsiCo has continued for over 30 years in our Salty Snacks division in Israel, along with the joint establishment of the Sabra/Obela company in the area of salads and spreads in North America, Australia, New Zealand and current in Europe too.

·        In Brazil, Strauss runs a 50%-50% joint venture with the São Miguel company. The joint venture, Café Três Corações (or 3C), is currently the leading coffee company in Brazil.

·        Strauss Water operates in China via the partnership with Haier, and in Britain through a partnership with Virgin. 

These partnerships and relationships support our constant improvement processes, provide access to advanced technologies and research, foster joint product development and promote nutrition and innovation[MS1] .

Relationships and Partnerships for Promoting Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Strauss is a member of various international and local frameworks that aim to promote social and/or environmental goals using the joint strengths of the various sectors of the economy (government, business, non-profit organizations).

·        The United Nations’ Global Compact Initiative: Strauss Group has been a signatory since 2008. For more information about Strauss’ implementation of the compact’s 10 principles, click here[MS2] .

·        Consumer Goods Forum: The Consumer Good Forum is a global organization that supports partnerships between manufacturers and retailers to ensure consumer confidence and to generate positive change.

·        Valuable 500: An initiative in partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF) that brings together the CEOs of the leading companies of the world as a catalyst for promoting the influence of global corporations on reducing inequality among people with disabilities, through their business activities. It was launched at Davos and is comprised of about 250 CEOs from 26 countries.

·        The Israeli Socio-Economic Forum: Leading a work team to promote employment in Arab society, headed by Strauss Israel’s CEO. The goal of this team is to generate national and cross-sectoral solutions for reducing socio-economic gaps between the Arab community and the Israeli economy in order to increase the Arab sector’s share in the Israeli economy’s productivity. In 2020, the team developed a platform to encourage diverse procurement as well as initiatives to promote employment solutions for the Arab sector.
In addition, Strauss Israel joined the Israel Business Round Table, a new project of the Socio-Economic Forum to establish business-economic leadership to lead and formulate national solutions to the main challenges faced by the State of Israel.

·        The Maala Organization: Strauss was a partner in the establishment of Maala, which works to promote corporate responsibility activities in Israel. Strauss has been a member of Maala since its establishment and participates annually in the corporate responsibility rankings of Maala’s public companies. In the past eight years (including 2020), Strauss received Maala’s highest ranking – Platinum+. Strauss Chairperson Ofra Strauss served in the past as the chairperson of Maala, as part of Strauss’ commitment to promoting the area of corporate responsibility in Israel, and VP Communications and Sustainability Osnat Golan is a member of the organization’s Board of Directors.

·        Israel-American Chamber of Commerce: Strauss has joined various initiatives connected to study and partnerships for the promotion of global challenges.[MS3]  In 2020, this initiative dealt with promoting work groups on the issue of the circular economy as part of its membership in the Chamber of Commerce’s CSR (corporate responsibility) forum.

·        The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT): EIT is an entity of the European Union set up in 2008 to increase innovative capabilities. It is an inseparable part of the Horizon2020 program, within the EU’s research and innovation framework.
Strauss promotes joint innovation projects with the organization. In 2020, Strauss took part in a project for the promotion of research and implementation of solutions to increase trust between the food sector and consumers.

·        Energy Efficiency Forum in Israel: The forum, which was established in 2020, deals with mutual fertility[MS4] , enrichment and encouragement of activity in the field among Israel’s leading commercial companies, and is led by the Afeka College. The director of the energy field at Strauss Israel serves as the forum’s chairperson.

·        Circular Economy Forum of the “Environmental Arena”: Strauss is active in this Israeli forum, an initiative of the Tel Aviv University’s Porter School of Environmental Studies. The purpose of the forum is to create cross-sectoral dialog to promote the issues of sustainability and the circular economy in Israel.

·        Consumer Goods Forum: A global organization partnering with manufacturers and retailers to ensure consumer confidence and to generate positive change[MS5] .

·        Co.Impact Initiative: Established in 2013 with the aim of creating a breakthrough in employment in the Arab sector.  

·        Other organizations that Strauss is a member of are DSF (a framework to encourage sustainability in the dairy field), the Food Industries Association, the Israeli Marketing Association, and the Global Coffee Platform (GCP).

Joining non-profit organizations to fulfil different needs of communities around the world

As part of our responsibility as a leading company, Strauss is very active in investing and volunteering in the various communities that the Group’s companies operate in around the world. These support initiatives are carried out in cooperation with dozens of non-profit organizations from different countries that assist us with identifying the needs and target  audiences to support; organization and logistics for optimizing our investment; and measuring the levels of effectiveness and success of the various initiatives.

Among these partners are the following organizations: Latet, Leket Israel, the Israel Association of Community Centers, Ezer Mizion, Ajeec, Unistream, ORT, Access Israel, Women’s Spirit (Ruach Nashit), WIZO, Women Against Violence, Jasmine, Founders Give, Feedmore, Chesterfield Food Bank, Seeds for Progress, Sustainable Harvest, Bedford Industries, The Social Foundation Raimundo Fagner, and more.

More details about these initiatives and partnerships in our various areas of activity can be found in this report in the chapter on “Deepening the Connections with Communities” in general and on the page “Supporting Communities During the Corona Crisis” in particular