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Supporting Strauss People

When entire towns in which the families of our employees live in Israel, such as Deir al-Asad, Bi’ina, as well as other settlements, went into lockdown for first the first time, we sent food baskets to our employees’ doors, mainly during the period of the festivals of Pesach (Passover) and Ramadan. During that time, our employees’ needs were real.

At that time, we also noticed the distress among employees whose spouses had been dismissed from their jobs, or put on unpaid leave. So, we set up a Corona Fund, to which employees could turn to request various types of assistance – changes in shifts, payment for babysitters, and even monetary grants. 250 of the 290 (86%) of the requests submitted by our employees were approved. The grants from the fund were in the range of 1,000-5,000 shekels, and in total, grants were given to the value of 500,000 shekels. The employees who began working from remote, received an 800 shekel assistance grant from the fund to purchase office equipment for their homes.

Moreover, in order to assist the employees in coping with this stressful period, we increased the awareness of mental health and we provided professional counseling and subsidized psychological treatment to those who requested it, along with a program for a healthy lifestyle. We also supported our employees by adapting all our welfare activities for this period through remote events for our employees and their children, such as workshops on parenting and on appropriate economic behavior, events, shows and more. Throughout the year, we organized dozens of virtual events, work milestones, team-building evenings and lectures.

Throughout the Corona crisis, we made sure to maintain the numbers of our employees and we even continued expanding and recruiting new employees.