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Supporting stakeholders – Strauss Group

Supporting stakeholders

Unexpected global events such as the Corona crisis, which have grave impacts on economic, social and environmental systems, compel us all to unite, to support and to aid in coping with the situation. The challenges we faced in the Corona pandemic were especially complex and demanded a new approach to handling of this situation.

At the outbreak of the pandemic, we understood the necessity of adapting our behavior, and we immediately took steps to formulate an action plan. We focused our efforts on maintaining business continuity while meticulously safeguarding the health of Strauss men and women. In parallel, we took steps regarding our external stakeholders, because the pandemic did not ignore a single segment of the population.

As early as February 2020, we adapted our work plans in order to maintain business and operational continuity. At the same time, we formulated a structured and organized operational plan vis-à-vis all our stakeholders: first and foremost, our employees, the heart of our company; as well as the communities that surround us; our suppliers; our customers; our food eco-system.