Supporting Communities – Strauss Group לוגו שטראוס
Supporting Communities – Strauss Group

Supporting Communities

Strauss Group, Strauss Israel and Strauss Water assisted the various communities in which the company operates. We adjusted this assistance to the needs that changed with the different waves of Corona. Support included food donations to the elderly, who were critically impacted by the pandemic, along with donations to medical teams that were on the front lines of the fight against Corona. In the summer of 2020, we increased our support of families that were facing material difficulties as a result of unemployment and the continuing economic crisis. Along with substantial food donations, we also harnessed our technology to fight the pandemic.

Assistance for Senior Citizens in Need


In Israel, Strauss teamed up with the Latet organization and the Israel Association of Community Centers in an effort to assist this population. Ahead of Pesach (Passover) and Ramadan, 4,000 food baskets were distributed to seniorcitizens in need in the Jewish and Arab communities. Before the festival of Shavuot (Tabernacles), Strauss, along with the Food Industries Association, initiated and was one of the leaders of a joint project of about 50 companies distributing 10,000 additional food baskets to the elderly. 

On Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year), we joined the social impact project called “Sweet for the Soul” (Matok Le’neshama). Within the framework of this project, people received home baking kits to prepare 450 cakes and baked goods, which they distributed to the elderly. In addition to material assistance, Strauss employees volunteered to assist the elderly going through emotional difficulties. About 70 Strauss employees volunteered to hold “happy calls” with senior citizens living alone. Furthermore, 850 Strauss-made cakes were donated to Holocaust survivors as part of the “Memories in the Living Room” (Zichronot Be’salon) initiative.

Supporting Medical Teams

In March 2020, during the first wave of Corona in Israel, Strauss launched a far-reaching campaign to donate packages to medical teams in hospitals around Israel, and to the teams and volunteers at the Magen David Adom (MDA) ambulance service. The packages reached more than 70 medical institutions and MDA centers throughout Israel, and about 5,000 members of medical teams, volunteers and other support staff enjoyed the company’s products.

 In November 2020, Strauss made further donations to 30 Corona wards throughout Israel. In addition, Strauss Water installed 37 Water Bars for use by medical teams in Corona wards in five hospitals in Israel.

In China, Strauss Water, along with its local partner Haier, worked to purify water in various communities during the crisis. This included donating water systems to hospitals in China, and sewage systems to local villages.

At the same time as the Corona pandemic was raging in 2020, large regions of the world had to cope with hurricanes that left many citizens without a roof over their heads or basic necessities. Strauss Coffee stepped up to assist victims of these disasters in the communities in which it operates. Most of the work was concentrated in Honduras, which was badly affected by Hurricane Eta and Hurricane Iota. The company also provided families with supplies they needed – water, food, mattresses, clothing, blankets, alcohol/gel, masks, etc. Furthermore, in order to assist with a return to normal, donations were collected to purchase basic household equipment such as ovens, refrigerators and beds.

Additional Assistance in Closing the Food Security Gap Support measures for additional populations:

  • Strauss continued to provide ongoing support to the Latet organization. This support included providing thousands of products about to expire to assist populations in need.
  • Food basket donations to additional populations in the geographical and societal periphery of Israel, in response to requests for assistance and changing needs. Among others, food baskets were distributed to various retirements homes, to the needy in the Bedouin community of Rahat (in collaboration with the Ajeec organization), and to the Israel Celiac Association.
  • 15,100 food baskets were donated during the festivals in collaboration with the Latet, Pitchon Lev, and Ezer Mizion organizations, as well as fruit and vegetable packages from the Leket Israel organization. 5,500 families enjoyed a variety of Strauss Dairy products over the course of five months.