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Business Continuity – Strauss Group

Business Continuity

As soon as the Corona crisis began, alongside the health of our employees, we focused on the effort to maintain our production and food capabilities for our customers around the world, all while demands were increasing as more and more people remained at home.

An Emergency Steering Committee was established in the Group to manage the crisis, headed by the Group’s VP Technology. In each of our subsidiaries, a steering committee was set up that regularly reported to the Group as part of the risk management process. The committee and the teams quickly formulated relevant work procedures, regularly communicated updated directives and controls to the employees; implemented work standards in keeping with the limitations of the pandemic with signage and dedicated systems installed at all sites, and  established mechanisms for the immediate and effective handling of cases of exposure of employees to patients diagnosed with Corona, and more.

In parallel, the Information Systems division was recruited to assist with the required infrastructures for this massive and unexpected transformation, in order to facilitate full business continuity. 

The Corona crisis and the increasing demand for food at home, emphasized, more than ever, the need for innovation in the food sphere, and optimally adapting it to various communities and populations and changing life situations. One of the most relevant examples in the Corona period is the limited editions that were launched in 2020 by the Actimel (Danone) brand, that included Vitamin C and D, to strengthen the body’s natural defenses.