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Good Health

Strauss developed and donated disinfection devices to hospitals. Strauss Water developed a groundbreaking device for sterilization and disinfection of equipment for medical teams in hospitals. The device is based on the disinfection capability of the UV bulb in the company’s water bars. The company adapted its disinfection capacity by modifying the number of bulbs and the wavelength. These adjustments proved highly efficient especially in sterilizing pathogens, with an emphasis on the Corona virus. The device proved itself effective in sterilizing medical equipment such as spectacles, stethoscopes, mobile phones and protective masks.

Use of the device significantly reduced the risk of transmitting the virus to those that the medical team came into contact with after working hours, including their families.

Health and Innovation Around the World in Time of Crisis

The 3corações company (the joint venture of Strauss Coffee and other partners) also adapted its business to 2020’s hygiene challenges. As soon as the crisis began, the company converted its Nova factory, which generally manufactures coffee filters, to produce disposable masks. This transformation was born out of a recognition of the hardships the disadvantaged population in communities near the site in Rio De Janeiro were trying to cope with, including a shortage of basic hygiene supplies required to prevent infection. 3corações immediately set up a partnership with a local manufacturer (Ahlstrom-Munksjö) specializing in fiber-based solutions and products. The company supplied the Nova factory with raw materials for the manufacture of protective masks. At the initial stage, the factory produced 500,000 masks that were distributed to residents in need in the Vidigal and Rocinha quarters of metropolitan Rio de Janeiro.