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“Doing Good, Together” – Strauss Group

“Doing Good, Together”

The economic crisis that accompanied the Corona pandemic resulted in a significant increase in poverty levels in Israel and other countries. According to the Alternative Poverty Report of the Latet organization, over 420,000 new households in Israel (over 38% of all Israeli households) were affected by economic hardships. The Israeli middle class shrunk, while many Israelis dropped on the socio-economic scale. According to this report, over 10% of Israeli households were forced to forego food during the crisis, and about 23% of families live with a lack of food security.

Lack of food security is the most drastic sign of poverty, expressed by a lack of economic means and the regular access to basic food required for a balanced and healthy existence. The outbreak of the Corona pandemic expanded and exacerbated the lack of food security in Israel.

One of our main efforts to deal with this societal problem is the “Doing Good, Together” initiative, in partnership with the Latet organization. 12,000 families, most of which never needed assistance before Corona, received food security assistance. These families were given digital smart vouchers for purchasing Strauss products at Israel’s leading food chains for four months from September till December 2020.

Strauss was in direct touch with every family, and via the vouchers, enabled every one of them to choose the food that was most appropriate for them, including healthy, fresh and even indulgent options.