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Community events – Strauss Group

Community events

Examples of Strauss CARE 2020 activities:

Strauss’ global Social Responsibility Week – Strauss CARE – enabled Strauss employees to reach out, get to know and contribute to the different communities in our area of activity that needed additional support in wake of the crisis. This year, Social Responsibility Week also focused on Strauss’ core business and our central themes – conscious nutrition and a healthy lifestyle in various communities.

Examples of Strauss CARE 2020 activities:

  • • Support for farmers and gathering crops in open fields
    • Packing 4,000 food baskets in food banks and distributing them to families in need, in partnership with Leket Israel, Pitchon Lev and Latet.
    • Virtual activities with senior citizens living alone.
    • Online tutorials on balanced diets, healthy lifestyles, volunteering and mutual responsibility.
    • Activities for supporting immediate needs of various global communities.

Milky Summer Activities and Positive Impact on Stakeholders

At Strauss, we advocate the approach of supporting various stakeholders and having an impact on as broad circles of influence as possible through our activities. One example is the Milky Summer Show, and how we modified it to Corona constraints. Families in Israel were offered the chance to enjoy a variety of events at dedicated drive-in complexes, which conformed to the Corona directives of the authorities. Participation was offered at a symbolic cost only, and the initiative offered work and a livelihood to dozens of stage workers, artists, production people, advertisers, and more – sectors that were particularly hard hit by Corona restrictions. In addition, tickets were donated to the families of medical teams as a token of appreciation for their dedication during the ongoing crisis. All proceeds of the events were donated to Latet, for the purchase of food baskets for families who fell victim to Corona.

By the end of the Milky brand summer initiative, 15 shows had been staged that provided work for about 130 people from the stage and production world and over 1,000 messengers, and donations of many food baskets.